George's Story

George was an extraordinary young man, not only to us lucky enough to be close to him but also to everyone who met him.

He was fun loving and outgoing.

To George, everyone was equal, and he went out of his way to include everybody in his “Happy World”.

He had a sense of fun and freedom about life, and he tackled everyday tasks with a “glass half full” attitude.

He didn’t like to give up whether it was on a person, or a job, or an animal!

George was a natural leader – only he never realised it, so he didn’t assert authority, nor did he dominate circles.

He never put anyone down, and people gravitated towards him because of his kind, open manner to whatever he came across.

George Crawford
George made people feel wanted, worthy, and most of all, included. That’s what The George Crawford Legacy Trust aims to continue to do in his name.
We hope to provide opportunities for these individuals to help them rebuild a positive outlook on life. Also, to encourage them to have the courage to “Have a go” – just as George would have done.

Rust 2 Rome

George took part in the Rust 2 Rome experience in the summer of 2018 and we have very kindly received a private donation from Katy Danes to be put towards a Rust 2 experience in 2020 for two people travelling together. Please click on Forthcoming Events for more information on how to apply. 

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