Belsay Horse Trials – 2nd May 2019


On the first day of the Charity Cycle Run from Melrose to Harper Adam University, having cycled down through Wooler, lunched at Powburn, and continued down through Rothbury and Scots Gap, the cyclists headed for Belsay Horse Trials where they had been invited to call in on the passing as the named charity for the  event that year was to be the George Crawford Legacy Trust. 

It was around 4pm when 12 very weary cyclists appeared in cycling lycra, contrasting to the breeches and boots of the riders, but were given a very warm welcome in the marquee with drinks and refreshments and where Cameron and Mary were presented with a cheque for £1,000.

Mary in her short speech of thanks, had mentioned that George had ridden in these trials where he came 7th, but that he had won the Belsay Rug for doing the cross-country course in the exact optimum time – so that was well received. One lady,  in the crowded marquee, Mrs Susan Doggot,  was so impressed with the efforts of the cyclists and the emotional speeches of thanks from Mary and Cameron, that she offered to double the amount, so  it was an overwhelming gesture of kindness from the horsey community at Belsay Horse Trials that day, and the cyclists went off happy and well refreshed to their final destination after their 92-mile-long first day of the cycle run at Corbridge.

Click here to read the full Harper Adams or Bust Report.

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