Floors International Horse Trials


Sunday 12th May 2019 saw the Under 18’s 100 class at Floors Horse Trials carry the George Crawford Legacy Trust heading. The Duchess of Roxburgh and members of her team had reached out to us to offer the chance of raising the profile of the charity by letting us be the title name of the aforementioned class.

George had competed in the Under 18’s class at Floors Castle in 2016. He really enjoyed competing at his ‘local event’ so much so that he had entered to do Floors in 2018 but alas a bruised sole of my trusty hunter prevented him from taking part. He had been disappointed but came along to support his sister all the same.

It was poignant to see Grace Botterell win the class this year as her mum, Claire is Lucinda’s dressage instructor and on occasion she would attempt to run through a test with George! One of my lasting funny memories during such a lesson at Pavilion was when Claire and I both saw something drop out of George’s hoody pocket onto the ménage surface – it turned out to be the remote control for the TV!

The Floors Team could not have done more for us this year and we do so appreciate the free publicity it afforded us.

In September we very kindly received a donation of £500 from the Floors Castle Horse Trials.

Floors Castle Horse Trials Brochure
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