Mosshouses Point to Point – Pony Racing


George was a very enthusiastic jockey in pony racing and particularly enjoyed racing at Mosshouses, his local point to point. He raced for two seasons in the under 138 cm (the pony’s height) category before progressing to under 148 cm pony’s which lasted for nearly another two seasons and included a win at Mosshouses in 2013.

He rode out at Stuart Coltherd’s yard just outside Selkirk with his good friend and Stuart’s son, Sam and also at Ian Jardine’s where he used to volt onto the horses from the ground in order to impress the girls!!

The upper weight limit for pony racing is 9st 7 and sadly, by the time George was 15 years old, he had grown to 6ft, his weight was 10st 3 and you could still guarantee that he could be found in the queue for bacon butties! His mother attempted to help him keep his weight down by taking the seat off his bike and making him cycle without it which, bless him, he tried hard at but alas with no success and his pony racing career reached an early conclusion.

In 2019, the George Crawford Legacy Trust sponsored the Pony Racing at Mosshouses Point to Point in memory of all the fun times and success George had there.

Pony racing at Mosshouses
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