George Crawford Memorial Rugby Match – 30th June 2019


The Rugby Match in memory of George and to raise funds for his Legacy Trust was held at Earlston Rugby Club ground, and almost as soon as it got underway so did the rain, but that did not dampen the spirits of the players who had taken to the field in a fast and furious game of  rugby.

Each team had a squad of 19 players who were subbed on and off the field as required (sometimes because they needed a wee rest), and there was a guest appearance of the father of George, Cameron Crawford, on one side and the Uncle of George, Michael on the other team. Cameron admitted he quite liked the rucking part of the game, but not the running, and Michael admitted that on the one occasion when he was about to tackle his son Donald, saw a quick side-step and heard Donald say “see you later Dad”!!

At half-time most of the crowd took shelter from the rain in the Clubhouse where the bar was open, and the prizes for the raffle and auction were on display. Raffle tickets sold well, and the following auction of various prizes, raised an amazing amount of money towards the Legacy Trust.

The second half continued despite the rain, but players and supporters showed great enthusiasm for the event which ended in a win for Kit Buchan and his Team.

A cup was awarded to the winning side, and it had been kindly donated by Struan, George’s great friend who was currently in Australia. The whole spirit of the occasion was one of friendship mixed with generosity shown in the financial support to the Trust in memory of the spirit of George who lives on with his friends. Kit Buchan with the help of his mother, did a marvellous job in bringing together all the aspects of organising a very successful rugby match. They found the Sponsors, got the lads to get the teams together, badgered people for the raffle prizes and auction prizes which were superb, and much appreciated by the various winners, whilst also playing in the match – very well-done Kit…and Mum.

Grateful thanks must also go to Earlston Rugby Club for their help in allowing the game to take place at their ground, for opening up the facilities in the Clubhouse but mostly for donating half the takings at the bar for the day – £275 – a most generous gesture and greatly appreciated. 

Kit was especially pleased with the pink colour of the shirts his team wore which were paid for by various sponsors including his own Dad, and he chose pink because all the boys wore pink shirts at George’s funeral.  

The Legacy Fund will benefit to the tune of £3,300 from the special rugby match in George’s memory, and it is hoped by Mary, Cameron and Lucinda, that youth project charities will benefit from this money, and that it will help to support youngsters who would simply not have the chance to either participate on a regular basis or as an individual to strive to be the best they can at their chosen sport, whether it be for their school, region or country.   George always said “I’ll give it a go” and we hope that with the funds raised today for the Trust it will make it possible to do just that.

George Crawford Memorial Rugby Match
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