Maddie Maclaren – improving and getting braver!


Hey everyone sorry it’s been a while! Zaf and I have been a bit up and down and although I’m definitely getting braver and more confident from my lessons, I can’t seem to stop falling off haha! We had our first lesson with Emma in a while a couple of weeks ago and it was definitely an off day for us, I couldn’t seem to ride effectively and Zaffi was her usually feisty self resulting in yet another silly fall over the smallest grid you’ve ever seen! I was getting so frustrated with myself that I knew I had to make a change in my riding asap. Emma said not to worry and we all have bad days but I couldn’t help but be disappointed with myself. Not long after I had a jump at home and actually started to use my legs and push her forwards! Was definitely a start to get back to where we were. Yesterday I proceeded to have another lesson with Emma, I told myself I wasn’t going to let my nerves get the better of me and I was going to ride effectively and we had a massive improvement. We managed to fly round a decent 80 course and zaf was so willing and forwards, taking me into the fences she felt amazing! It was a massive confidence boost. Slowly but surely learning that if I put my leg on and commit she really will go for it and jump amazingly! My silly fear of oxers is pretty much vanquished now and I’m starting to love the feeling they give when we jump. So happy with our improvement!



(Pic from one of our last outings as I forgot my camera for my lesson silly me!)

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